Day 2: July 9th


1-2.30pm: Sraffa and Marx


Scott Carter (University of Tulsa, US): Sraffa’s “snow” and the exploitation theory of profits

Andrew Trigg (Open University, UK): A translation between Sraffa’s price system and Keynes’s theory of employment

Andrés Lazzarini (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK): Rising wages and technical change in Marx and the classical political economy: some critical notes

Luiza Nassif-Pires (Levy Economics Institute, Bard College, US): On the empirical regularities of Sraffa prices


2.30-3pm Coffee Break


3-4.30pm: Applications of Marxian Theory


Thomas E. Lambert (University of Louisville, US): Game of Thrones, Game of Class Struggle, or Other Games? Revisiting the Demise of Feudalism

Marina Machado Gouvea (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): Revisiting Marx’s surplus value: racial, gendered and geographical divisions of labour today

Bruce Cronin (University of Greenwich, UK): Estimates of Firm-level Production Prices and Value in the UK – Sectoral Effects

Toni Prug (Independent Researcher) and Paško Bilić (Croatia and Institute for Development and International Relations, Croatia): Social and economic form determination of monopoly digital platforms