Black Lives Matter

Dear friends,

The Association for Heterodox Economics expresses its solidarity with all those fighting for justice against racism and inequality in the US, the UK and across the world. We are against all forms of discrimination and racism, including having a zero tolerance for institutionalised racism, often supported by and supporting economic structures.

As an international association with members from all over the world, we take pride in including voices of those excluded from mainstream organisations in our research and activities, while we remain committed to challenging institutionalized racism in all its forms within the field of economics, and society as a whole. We also recognize that we must also set an example with our actions in our respective areas- academia, the economics profession- and as responsible citizens. AHE aims to contribute to economic inquiry and policy analysis on inequality and its causes, in order to improve the lives of those who face discrimination. Furthermore this urges us to denounce in the strongest terms racism, and all forms of bias and human rights abuses globally. We will not rest until we have helped to ensure that the opportunity for all children during their lives is equal for all the communities of the world. 

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with African Americans and the larger Black community and we condemn all anti-Black racism as well as the lack of economic, social and life opportunity and the lack of health and safety that this brings.

In solidarity,

Association for Heterodox Economics