The heterodox economics community is deeply saddened by death of Geoffrey Harcourt, a long-standing champion of varieties of heterodox thought, of open, spirited debate in economics, and of young heterodox scholars.

Geoff made leading contributions to economic analyses of pricing, economic methodology and the history of economic thought, and, perhaps most notably, to our understanding of the nature of capital, via his book chronicling the dispute between heterodox scholars at Cambridge, UK, and their neoclassical counterparts at MIT. Geoff will be missed for his wit and humour, his knowledge of, and as a bridge to, a past era, and for his resolute support for pluralist and heterodox economics.

24th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Co-organizer: SOAS University of London

Crises in capitalism or crises of capitalism: Current issues and transformative solutions

6th - 8th of July, 2022

The 2008 financial crisis generated deep and rich debates on the feasibility of the current economic order, with many prophesying the death of neo-liberalism. More than a decade since, the world is gripped in a much larger economic, social, and ecological crisis, with little change in the existing social order and the debates about systemic change again gaining traction. However, what will emerge out of this moment that is caught in a flux of several interacting inequalities still remains unknown. While some view the current economic crisis as an aberration that can be corrected with existing policy tools, some view it as a reflection of the urgent need to revive comprehensive welfare states, and others yet view this as a moment of significant churning that opens possibilities for a systemic shift. Despite the difference in positions, this moment warrants a serious reflection on the current conjuncture of capitalism – how it came into being, what characterizes this moment, what is the likely impact of this, where do we go from here?

In this context, AHE 2022 provides a space for engaging with various intersecting inequalities, specifically in the domains of labour, identity, and climate change, that characterise the current crisis-ridden moment of global capitalism, and how these inequalities shape and are, in turn, shaped by a stratified global order. The conference will also provide a platform to explore the possibilities for struggles in these domains to be engendered towards systemic shift. We seek to enrich theoretical frameworks in economics and political economy that study these intersecting inequalities, and to explore possibilities for political activism geared towards a sustainable and just society. Questions we seek to engage with include: How to think and act given the urgency of the situation? What is required to break free from unjust economic, social, and ecological relations? How can the heterodox community inspire solutions to intersecting crises and where does heterodoxy fall short? How can heterodox economists form alliances with others undertaking transformative action?


The conference is organized in a hybrid format. The in-person venue for the 2022 conference is SOAS University of London. Limited travel support is available for selected early career scholars. Early career scholars include PhD students as well as those who received their PhD no more than 5 years prior to the date of the conference. 

We welcome contributions in the following formats:

Individual paper: A standard conference paper followed by discussion.

Panel of papers: A session comprising several papers on one particular topic. We recommend 3 papers for a 90 minutes session.

Roundtable: A panel of contributors discussing a particular topic. This can include, although is not limited to, focussed discussions with civil society actors, activists, academic researchers.

Workshop Session: This format is available if an organizer would like to run their own session. Sessions with a broader art/culture focus on the conference themes fit within this format (e.g. display and discussion of artworks/films/performances).

 Stream: A series of (any) sessions listed above.

 Make a submission to the conference here. The deadline for submissions is February 15th, 2022. 

The results will be notified by 15 April, 2022.

Full papers for bursaries and/or prize considerations are due by 15th May 2021.

For any questions about the CfP or the conference, please write to us

AHE’s Academic Officers:

Dr Surbhi Kesar (

Lecturer, Department of Economics, SOAS London

Dr Elke Pirgmaier (

Junior Lecturer, Université de Lausanne

The AHE Early Career Research Prize 2021

for the paper entitled

Marxist-Feminist-Capability Theory of Motherhood: Theorizing Motherhood within the Capabilities Approach and Marxist Feminist Social
Reproduction Theory

for the paper entitled

Extending Capabilities Conception of the Individual in Economics: Relationality and Responsibility

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Statement on Political Layoffs in Academia

The Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) stands in strong solidarity with colleagues facing redundancies due to neoliberal restructuring during this pandemic. One particularly horrifying example of this, is what is going on at Leicester University, where 145 colleagues are currently under threat of redundancy by the university management. The university’s poorly defined and justified proposal to “disinvest” from Critical Management Studies and Political Economy is a blatant attack on academic freedom, a disservice to the university’s international reputation in these fields, and an offense to their current and future students.

For decades have our colleagues at Leicester University been dedicated to collegiality, interdisciplinarity, pluralism and the highest scholarly standards in their fields; principles for which they have earned far-reaching respect and acknowledgement in the intellectual community, and which the AHE strongly endorses.

AHE Management Committee 8.2.2021


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